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Grass Guzzlers!

We have a great climate for growing grass for several months during the year and our Cows have the freedom to graze in our in the fields for at least six month a year.

Cows are inquisitive and social creatures. They were born to forage and graze and allowing them the freedom of our fields allows them to express their natural behaviour and to enjoy a diet that they were designed to eat, we are proud to give our Cows the ‘right to roam’ in our fields! We as Farmers have a unique relationship with their cows, they are not simply animals we raise for food; we work with them for years to provide the milk we need and we are proud that our Cows grazing in the country side continues to be a familiar sight.

In winter we have often need to house our cows as grass stop growing and winter rain makes our fields wet and muddy. But, throughout the summer we collect and store our grass as silage to provide winter feed.

We regularly sample our grass and silage to check their nutritional values; the additional corn we feed them is specially prepared from good quality ingredients so we can ensure they get all the nutrients they need to be healthy and strong, as we also value the contribution that a healthy diet for cows can make to a healthy diet for humans.

How can we measure the value of our food for consumers? When we talk in terms of value for money, we often think about how much we got for the money we spent and make an assessment of quality based on how food looks and tastes. We know these things are important to our customers. However, we know that our customers also share and appreciate our values and understand that giving our cows the freedom to graze and express their natural behaviour along with good quality animal health and welfare management gives real value for money! © 2010 

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