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Milk – Our milk is pure and simple and processed in our own purpose built dairy before it quickly reaches our customers. The majority of our milk is packaged in environmentally friendly and re-useable glass bottles and is delivered directly to customers doorsteps by reliable and friendly milk men (and ladies).


Silver top – full milk pasteurised (with cream on the top – just  how it   should be!)

        Red and silver striped top – pasteurised semi – skimmed (1.7% fat)

        Blue top – skimmed (virtually fat free)

        Red top – homogenised full cream milk


We  also supply our milk in a variety of cartons ranging in size from 250ml to 2 litres.


Cream – our cream is pure and simple with no added stabilizers. We produce single, whipping and double cream, in a variety of sizes from 250ml to 2litre cartons. We supply some of our leading local restaurants, it is also sold to the public through our tea rooms and the milk men. 


Ice cream – our ‘Dearne Lea’ ice cream is smooth, rich and creamy it is made with our own milk and cream and is available in several flavours, including vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, peach and mango,  chocolate, chocolate and orange, honeycomb, rum and raisin, toffee, toffee and banana, mint and chocolate chip and our own traditional recipe brown bread.


We do not use nuts in the production of our ice cream.



“Our milk man changed his supplier to Barkhouse farm, and the difference in quality and taste is incredible”

P Dowling – Shepley

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